May 21, 2003  


If anyone has California-centric links, send them my way - I'm going to start putting them together in a link section focused on the state, much like Jim Capozzola has done for Philadelphia at The Lighter Side of the Rittenhouse Review.

I may even pattern this blog after that form, just a modest bit of occasional commentary on things of local interest, or those matters that directly touch my life ...

(Beats the hell out of Yet Another Political Blog, I'd think.)


... Such as lids for paper coffee cups.

Note to International Paper, Sweetheart, and other manufacturers of not-so-fine consumer goods: The first to develop a plastic coffee-cup lid that doesn't condense hot coffee on the interior of the lip, where it then drips onto my hand, will receive the admittedly dubious bounty of my undying loyalty, at least as far as the purchase of whatever else they produce is concerned.

Of course, my theory is that I'm the only person in the world for whom the laws of physics and the physical properties of plastic coffee-cup lids so collude. It really wouldn't suprise me if this were true. At least, I haven't noticed anyone else walking around with napkins tucked against the lids of their coffee cups.


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