June 20, 2003  


Having stumbled across a number of beautiful landscapes done in what appeared to be an oil-photorealistic style,
I started browsing around, and after seeing reference to the "Giclees" method, looked into it.

I was extremely disappointed to discover that the "Giclées." method of painting ... isn't painting.

I don't dissaprove of the style, not in the least, but it seems to be misrepesented. It's not painting - it's
digital manipulation, followed by machine production. Brush-stroking some varnish or touch-ups on
after the machine is done is no more painting than the "daubings" done to Thomas Kinkaid's work.

It is, however, a great method for reproduction of original works, or the transference of good photographs
into a more ... artistic format, i.e., on canvas or watercolor paper. Which, fortunately, still seems
to be its primary purpose (although the marketing of these prints, starting with the use of a
near-meaningless word, seems to be generally misleading).


posted by kmmontandon | 6:51 AM
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